About us

You can find us at local store :

OAK YARN, al.Jerozolimskie 57 , 00-697 Warszawa , Polska

Open: Monday – Friday 16:00-21:00


Oak Yarn designs and manufactures high quality clothing and accessories. Our products are known for comfortable elegance, meticulous finishing and unusual design. All series are limited. Oak Yarn products are made of inter alia, natural wool, cashmere, alpaca, mohair, silk and egyptian-giza cotton. Our company was founded due to love for natural fabrics which are beautiful and practical at the same time. This is also reflected in the company’s name. The faster we live, the more we appreciate nature in our everyday lives. Oak Yarn clothes and accessories are made to make you feel relaxed and at ease.


OAK YARN is part of:

STUDIO IMPRESS Marta Trojanowska
Kleszczowa 41/14, 02-485 Warszawa, Poland
NIP 5272464331
REGON 141151764
Zarejestrowana przez Prezydent miasta stołecznego Warszawy

E-MAIL: info@oakyarn.com